On this tour you will be accompanied by Riza, elected Best Guide in Sri Lanka, and who has been working with Lets Travel for the past 15 years!
Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 5
Maximum number of people: 6
Location: Sri Lanka
Riza, your special guide for this tour

Riza BadurdeenOn this tour you will be accompanied by Riza, elected Best Guide in Sri Lanka, and who has been working with Lets Travel for the past 15 years. An advisor for all the Lets Travel tours, he has conceived this exclusive itinerary for travelers wishing to stray off the beaten path and live an experience out of the ordinary. A unique voyage filled with emotions and discoveries awaits you.


Elephant Watch Hut

A stay in a “Paela” at the Elephant Watch Hut will give you the singular opportunity to mingle with the local villagers as they go about their daily lives. Built in the trees, these platforms were originally designed for farmers who needed to monitor their land at night to defend it from wild animals, specifically elephants that can rapidly cause substantial damage to crops. The Watch Hut is nestled between the jungle and the rice fields, surrounded by the national parks Minneriya, Hurulo Eco Park and Kaudulla, all known as the playing field for Sri Lanka’s elephants.  The cabins are very simple: a teak floor and roof furnished with double beds. Dinner will be served on a separate terrace on stilts, thus offering a beautiful view of the surrounding plantations. The Hut is also furnished with a cold water shower, a toilet and icebox.  Meals are typically Sri Lankan, cooked from local produce and prepared by the farmers and their families. At breakfast, you will be given a choice between a Sri Lankan or Continental style meal. During your stay, you may also go fishing on the nearby lake and take the opportunity to observe the vast multitude of wild birds that inhabit the area.



Tour Program

Reception at the airport and transfer to the Horakelle Estate coconut plantation in Dunagaha. In the afternoon, Tuk-Tuk excursion to Negombo to visit the city and buy fish or shrimp at the local market for your evening meal. Enjoy a tasty fish or grilled shrimp and Sri Lankan curry for your dinner by the refreshing swimming pool. Overnight on the plantation.
Early breakfast and then departure for Wilpattu National Park. Enjoy the exclusive privilege of lodging in one of the park bungalows (normally reserved for members of the Wildlife Society of Sri Lanka only). In the afternoon, jeep safari to discover the native fauna and flora. If you’re lucky, you may even spot the famous and elusive leopard. Dinner will be served in your bungalow.
After breakfast, take quiet roads all the way to the village of Nikawewa. The majestic temple of Nagala Ragamaha Viharaya is built on the very top of a rock and is only accessible on foot. From here, you will get a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. After visiting the temple, sit down for a meal at a rice farmer’s table and enjoy the tasty vegetables and rice of his own cultivation. The road will then continue to Kalawewa and Kekirawa all the way to Habarana. Check into the Elephant Watch Hut, your lodging in the trees (see below). Later in the day, ascend Sigiriya rock, known for its ancient fortress at the top of its impressive 180 meters, and its frescoes of the "Ladies of Sigiriya". After this adventure, return to Elephant Hut, where dinner awaits you.  Later it is time for a nighttime safari walk, conceived to give the visitor the opportunity to observe the elusive nocturnal birds and animals of the Sri Lankan jungle. Retire for the evening for an unforgettable night in your personal tree cabin.

After breakfast, departure by four-wheel drive on a safari in Minneriya Park. At noon, lunch will be served in a Buddhist temple. In the afternoon, meet Hasini, a traditional Sri Lankan dance teacher. After a demonstration of this ancient art, you will be given the opportunity to take a lesson and learn some of the basics of this fascinating cultural practice. Continue your day by visiting the local blacksmith, Sugath Aiya, who will give you a demonstration by forging a sickle: the traditional tool used to harvest rice. Dinner will be served at the Elephant Watch Hut and at 21:00, leave for Galo station to catch the overnight train to Gampaha.
Arrival at the station in Gampaha is estimated between 3:30-5:30 a.m., however the duration of the trip may vary depending on whether elephants cross the train tracks or not. Transfer via Tuk-Tuk (30 min) to the Horakelle Estate plantation and end of the tour (rooms are available until noon). Transfer to Colombo airport or to your seaside hotel.