Sri Lanka map

Luxuriant jungles, an extraordinary variety of flora, tea plantations laid out like lush green carpets and palm fringed beaches blend together to make this island one of the most beautiful in the world. It is thus not by chance that it has become to be known as “Serendipity”, a rare combination of unexpected pleasures. The unique treasures of an ancient culture steeped in Buddhism and the legendary hospitality of its inhabitants offer a truly memorable experience.

Entry formalities and health advice

Passport valid at least 6 months after the return date. Visa is needed before arrival, please visit
There are no compulsory vaccinations, however medication against malaria in reserve is recommended.


Sri Lanka enjoys a tropical climate with only slight variations in temperature during the year. The best time to travel is from November until April to visit the south and from april to october, to discover the east coast.

Time difference

4 hours in summer, +5 hours in winter.


Singhalese, English and Tamil.

Beaches and leisure activities

All our beach hotels have pools despite the fact that they are situated along the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. Swimming in the sea, because of occasional currents and rough waves, is sometimes limited. Sri Lanka is not a place for “night-owls”, although certain hotels do have a discotheque and many organize cultural evenings with local dances and music.

International airport

Situated at Katunayake, 40 km north of Colombo.


Lightweight, cotton clothing is the most suitable for this climate. Remember a hat (the sun is very strong), and a pair of slip on shoes for sightseeing, as footwear must be removed in temples. For trips to the hills and mountains a light sweater is recommended. An umbrella may be useful in case of rain showers. Kindly note that men and women must be suitably dressed in the hotel restaurants for the evening – shorts or bermudas are generally not permitted.

The banks

They are often closed on weekends, at Christmas and New Year as well as over the 10 days of the Sri Lankan and Tamil New Year festivities.

A small Sri Lankan Dictionary

  • (To) Welcome: Ayubowan
  • Hello (morning): Suba Udasanak way va
  • Good night: Suba rathiyak way va
  • Thank you: Es-thu-ti
  • Yes: Ov
  • No: Na-tha
  • Maybe: Venna puluvan
  • How are you? Kohomada sahpa sahneepa?
  • I am fine: Sanne-pen innava
  • I am not fine: Sanee-pa na-tha
  • My name is: Mage nama
  • What is your name? Obeh nameh monawada?
  • Excuse me: Samavenna
  • I do not understand: Mata thayrennay nehe
  • It’s delicious: Bohoma rahai
  • Elephant: Aliya


  • February 4th: National Holiday
  • April 12-14: Singhalese and Tamil New Year
  • Beginning of May: Wesak (important Buddhist holiday that symbolizes the birth, the death and the enlightenment of Buddha).
  • Between July and August: The Perahera and the Kataragama Festival (this depends on the full moon, dates change from year to year).
  • Every evening In Kataragama, Puja, temple ceremonies are held.
  • Poya: With every full moon, “Poya” is celebrated and alcohol is is generally not served in public places.